Brainchild of entrepreneur, highly acclaimed restaurateur, Owner and Managing Director Ricky Ng, Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House has been synonymous with one of the island’s best chilli crab dishes and innovative modern Chinese menus around town. As the undisputed pioneer of New Age Chinese cuisine, Ng continues to push culinary boundaries by experimenting with myriad flavours and artfully blending these with what today’s discerning diners look for in a meal, adding his unique contemporary spins on traditional and popular dishes to create iconic Blue Lotus dishes.




31 Ocean Way #01-13
Quayside Isle S098375

Located at the idyllic Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, the casual dining restaurant serves traditional Chinese dishes such as Signature dish Chilli Pomelo Crab. Its delectable menu also features a wide selection of noodles, seafood and roasted meats. With its authentic Chinese cuisine at affordable prices and its stunning views of the marina, there is no doubt Blue Lotus will stand out from other Chinese stalwarts in Singapore.

P0518 BL Signature Chilli Pomelo Stuffed Crab Claw.jpg


5 Wallich Street, #01-13
Tanjong Pagar Centre S078883

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House is part of Blue Lotus Concepts International that launched the award-winning flagship Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House in 2013. A high-energy dining establishment primely located in the heart of the city and CBD at Tanjong Pagar Centre, the restaurant offers a dynamic, avant-garde take on Chinese cuisine, marrying traditional Chinese flavours and essences with western culinary techniques that are borne from the unique. A first ever proposition for a Chinese restaurant, the Grill House’s fully open kitchen combines both a Western and Chinese kitchen layout, with interactive dining immersing diners into the action.

Hot Stone Pork Lard Truffle Flavoured Fried Rice.jpg


30 Stevens Road #01-02 & #01-03

As with its sister outlet at Tanjong Pagar Centre, the Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House at Stevens Road offers a distinctive menu selection with the same dynamic avant-garde take on Chinese cuisine. Remixed presentations of classic comfort foods include much talked-about dishes, such as Hot Stone Pork Lard Truffle Flavoured Fried Rice; Hickory Smoked Honey-Glazed Kurobuta Pork Belly; and Claypot Mapo Tofu Rice, Onsen Egg. Not to be missed is a quintessential part of the Blue Lotus dining experience, featuring the famous pomelo chilli sauce – the Crab Balls with Chilli Pomelo Sauce and the Chilli Pomelo La Mian Soup with Crabmeat.


2 Science Park Drive, #01-26
Ascent S118222

A new landmark has landed on Science Park, whetting many appetites of the city’s food lovers and Blue Lotus fans alike – the Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus, offering a quirky and uplifting modern dining concept specializing in northern Chinese-style Dumplings and La Mian. The restaurant focuses on typical northern Chinese flavours and dishes. Dishes highlighting the menu include the Grilled Giant King Prawn La Mian, the Signature Crispy Pork Lard Truffle La Mian, a Vegetarian Truffle Mushroom & Beansprout La Mian. Favourite Chinese starters such as the Tea Smoked Egg using a blend of premium "Tie Guan Ying" tea and five spices, and Chilled Drunken Chicken Drumstick made with Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chinese Wine also feature on the menu.


Classic Paella.jpg


991B Alexandra Road, #01-10 S119970

Blue Lotus Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar is Blue Lotus Concepts International's first foray into Western dining. A vibrant restaurant primely located on Alexandra Road near Hort Park, Blue Lotus Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar offers delectable Spanish, Italian, Greek and Portugese favourites from tapas and pizzas to pastas, paellas and succulent meat dishes – all exciting and always relevant, traits that continue to make the Blue Lotus brand a talking point among Singapore’s discerning foodies.